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Transmission for the Husq lgt2654

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I have had a husqvarna LGT2654 for a couple years and both axles have broken and the transmission is weak. I replaced both axles myself and drained the oil and replaced it with fully synthetic 5w50 but I fear the damage has been done and it's just weak.

It has over 200 hours and from what I have read that is about the life of the K46's that actually get used. I do nothing but mow with it but I live in the mountains so the hills are stressful on this little tranny even though I mow across as much as possible.

SO my question is can I put a larger transmission in this puppy? Like maybe a K66 or K72 ?

I'm thinking that these LGT's are just the garden tractors with the smallest transmissions in them to sell cheaper.
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I can't speak for Husq, but the Craftsman GT's are also made by AYP and they use a legit Garden Tractor hydrostatic (Hydro-Gear G730 on the Excellerators and I think they used a K66 on the older models).
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