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Transmission for the Husq lgt2654

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I have had a husqvarna LGT2654 for a couple years and both axles have broken and the transmission is weak. I replaced both axles myself and drained the oil and replaced it with fully synthetic 5w50 but I fear the damage has been done and it's just weak.

It has over 200 hours and from what I have read that is about the life of the K46's that actually get used. I do nothing but mow with it but I live in the mountains so the hills are stressful on this little tranny even though I mow across as much as possible.

SO my question is can I put a larger transmission in this puppy? Like maybe a K66 or K72 ?

I'm thinking that these LGT's are just the garden tractors with the smallest transmissions in them to sell cheaper.
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Todd - Welcome to MTF!

That doesn't seem the norm - that you've had so many issues with the tranny and axles. Especially since it doesn't sound like you're abusing it by any means.

Maybe it's a lemon? With 200 hours, and proper maintenance, that machine should still be running like new. Maybe around 300 hours you'll see some small maintenance being required (bushings, deck bearings, etc)... your problems are puzzling.

Any way you can make sure it's running good and strong, then sell it? Preferably to someone with less hills and maybe a smaller lawn, so it doesn't eat at you?

Then you could be in a position to use the $$ you get from the sale, and the $$ you'd have to spend on a new tranny anyway- and get a stronger machine? Just an idea.
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