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transaxle headaches

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ok well a washer bearing and retainer on one axle side took a dump so i took it out opened it up and it was filled with some of the nastiest oil i have ever seen. Cleaned the cases replaced the retainer and washer inside of it. put it back together got the motor running put it in gear it would go pretty slower than usual and rev up pretty high. then i noticed 3rd just locks up on you wont move. so i jacked it up spun the tires in all gears well each tire wants to go in opposite directions if u try to push both tires at the same time it just strains and refuses to spin forward.
Transaxle is a foote 4 speed... gears go as 1st 2nd 3rd R
What did i do wrong putting it back together?

yes i did put the axle in straight just put it like that to take pictures

old oil was like melted plastic when you stirred it in a bucket, gears still look to be in good shape
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"What did i do wrong putting it back together?"

No one can really answer that except you and you are going to find out by taking it apart again. Better download a manual and fully test it before putting it back in the tractor next time. But one thing to remember, the tranny was falling apart before you started working on it so it may have other problems.
ok well i took it apart for the 4th time... couldnt find anything wrong.. all looks normal but then i noticed "it" there is a small cover with a metal switch coming out of it, if you pull/push it the plastic piece inside of the top moves to the right or left. That plastic piece then pushes the collar with a groove in it on the middle shaft to either gear. Now is a good Q which side should it be on? Nothing is attatched to the switch so i assume maybe it got bumped when i was pulling the transaxle out? to clarifiy i thought i tested it.. it went into all gears when you moved the shift knob. where can i find a manual to download?
Testing would mean rotating the input shaft while in each gear position as well as neutral while observing axle shaft behavior.

As far as a manual probably find some "Generic" lawn tractor transmission manual basic priciples apply, etc. Try a Google image search for lawn tractor transmisson, etc. also has "exploded view" of transmissons.
Yo Dude. I just did a Google search "rebuilding lawn tractor transaxle" and found Videos and evrything.
That sounds like a neutral start switch - should probably be made when the trans is in neutral. Whether it's open or closed in neutral depends on the starting circuitry.
i did test it.. put it into gears rotating input shaft... 1 side of the axle would turn which i assumed was normal because of the axle gears. should both turn or only one? axle is not snapped or anything.
Both should turn, although one may not want to just because of bearing friction, etc.

The behavior of the axles in the first post indicates a locked trans, or one that is in gear. That is normal behavior for an open differential.

When the trans is in neutral, you should be able to turn both axles in the same direction at the same time.
ok in N you can spin the wheels freely and together. it wont grab in all of the gears, it just revs up high while the tractor moves slowly every once in a while it will pop forward but other than that no go. if i move the switch i mentioned to open position 3rd gear will now work but if its in the closed position 3rd gear will not move, would just lock right up i have no idea what i am looking for as the problem :banghead3 any ideas would help. Thanks
i wish... its not catching the gears and it goes slower than usual
hmm thanx all! must have done something right this time and wrong last time... after trying the gears with the switch open i decided to see if it would go into 3rd while the switch was closed. Yep it worked but yea the wheels were in the air and i almost hit my garage door when i hit pavement
Congradulations! :congrats:

We knew you had it in you! :dancingpa
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