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Trailer size

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What size trailer are you guys using to haul the TLB GC1720 or GC1720?
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the loader can always be put in front of the rail also....there is a guy that I see puts his gc2310 in a low boy 6'4" x 12 dump. backhoe is angled to one side and loader goes on top of the front rail
i agree this is a great option but ....for one trailer ....hmmm im looking at either a 6 x12 dump low boy or 6 x14 tandem trailer
Scsbronco.... For future reference, when strapping down the loader don't do that again, any stress you are putting right into the cylinders instead of the metal. Twisting the bucket to full dump, then pulling on it with straps will destroy those cylinders quick
I have found dealers, really don't know their *** from their elbow. Selling a tractor is a lot different then transporting one or actually using one for a living, or owning one and wanting to keep it good. It would not take long to destroy those cylinders, lay the bucket bottom flat on the trailer, then strap it down crosswise. Lower the backhoe down and set that on the trailer also, strap that to the trailer, then strap crosswise the back of the tractor.
Again, it just shows how little some of these dealer know about the machines or proper way to transport something that is 3k lbs and more....dangerous situation if done wrong
1 - 6 of 21 Posts
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