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Trailer size

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What size trailer are you guys using to haul the TLB GC1720 or GC1720?
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It will fit on a 14' deck, but there is very little space for balancing the load. I originally wanted a 16' deck, which the dealer didn't have in stock, and ended up with a 18' car transporter and am glad for it.

The GC2310 tips the scales at over 3000 lb with loaded tires, and the hoe bucket sets on the beaver tail when the trailer is correctly balanced. That leaves about 1.5' behind the hoe bucket and about 2.5' in front of the loader bucket for extra goodies. Should the situation arise, I could load my MF1655 crossways at the front by moving the GC back to the end of the trailer and still come close to the right balance while still keeping the GC's tires on the wood deck.

Being able to bring home 16' lumber or 20' lengths of steel without tagging it with red flags is a bonus. There's 4' of empty tongue in front of the deck for any excess length. It's also a lot easier to back up than a minimum length trailer. It helps to have room to stow it between uses.
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If you are only going to have one trailer, make it of a size that will do all of your jobs acceptably.

I don't recall ever saying that I wish my trailer was shorter. When you consider that I can load a 10' long tractor/loader or a 12' aluminum boat inside my van and close the doors, any trailer that I do need is going to be long enough for other tasks requiring considerably more length.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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