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Trailer lights

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I’m about done with the fab work on my trailer (I think) and I’ll be ready to wire it up. One of the things I want to do is put a light under the forward and aft fender mounts so I can see where my tires are. This is a 16ft dove tail car hauler btw.

I plan on putting an amber on the forward, should I put red or amber in the aft?
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The 16 is 16' (in the first post, he wrote it's a 16' trailer).
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It’s 16 x6 1/2. Being a 16 it’ll limit me but anything more would be more that I want to haul with my 2010 Silverado.

Between my oldest son and his best friend, if I need anything larger hauled they have it covered.
I like the treadway but as I have before I can just see me falling right down and across the exposed steal---I would have to fully floor it if it was mine ----Not fun falling---The faller---
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The open center is where my ramps will live, if I decked it all the way my ramps wouldn't fit under the car. also, less wood less weight.
I agree about the safety issue with the open center, Perhaps expanded metal mesh or even 1-by lumber would allow for ramp storage.
That open deck is a safety hazard for sure .....
I'm sure that's not the intention in your case, but open center car trailers like the one below are quite popular here because it saves weight and allows oil change and other maintenance under the car. There are trailers with less cross-members, which suit even better for on-field grease-pit.

It is a clever idea to store the ramps in the middle!(y) I will be interested to see what kind of tiedown points you are going to make.

Regarding the safety, why would you need to walk on the car trailer?
Took advantage of the last few warm days and got the wood painted. 2 coats of Killz and 2 coats of black with a bag of anti skid grit for grip.
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Iv got some bolt in pots that mounts on the wood and bolts to the chassis of the trailer.
I also have some D rings that weld to the chassis in the open areas.

The deck pots will be used on the rear only as the D rings will be on the front.

Regarding the safety, why would you need to walk on the car trailer?
Had some time and welded the light boxes on and ordered my ramps.
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