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Trading up to B2320 from BX1860

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Had my BX for over a year now. Have 125 hours on it. It has done everything I've asked of it and been a great little tractor. We had a really mild winter with hardly any snow up until a couple weeks ago. We got hit with several feet at once, but it wasn't our usual light dry powder. It was wet heavy crap. Add to that sustained winds in the 35 MPH (45 gusts) zone for several days and we ended up with huge hard-packed drifts.

Have a 50" Buhler 3 point snow blower. Seemed like the BX was struggling. Belching lots of black smoke and bogging down. Took forever to get out to the highway on the first cut (1/8 mile). Had to run it at WOT the whole time.

So I started thinking I want to upsize a bit. Looking at trading the BX for a B2320. I love my BX, but I'm just afraid I'm working it too hard.

Will 5 extra horsepower make a noticeable difference? I've crunched some preliminary numbers and the 2320 is about as high as I can go payment wise.
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Wow! The B really looms over the little BX. Especially the wheels. That would never fit in my garage either. It is a nice looking tractor though. Enjoy! :trink40:
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