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Trading up to B2320 from BX1860

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Had my BX for over a year now. Have 125 hours on it. It has done everything I've asked of it and been a great little tractor. We had a really mild winter with hardly any snow up until a couple weeks ago. We got hit with several feet at once, but it wasn't our usual light dry powder. It was wet heavy crap. Add to that sustained winds in the 35 MPH (45 gusts) zone for several days and we ended up with huge hard-packed drifts.

Have a 50" Buhler 3 point snow blower. Seemed like the BX was struggling. Belching lots of black smoke and bogging down. Took forever to get out to the highway on the first cut (1/8 mile). Had to run it at WOT the whole time.

So I started thinking I want to upsize a bit. Looking at trading the BX for a B2320. I love my BX, but I'm just afraid I'm working it too hard.

Will 5 extra horsepower make a noticeable difference? I've crunched some preliminary numbers and the 2320 is about as high as I can go payment wise.
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If it is throwing black smoke you need to slow down some and let the engine get back to speed.
Yeah, that's what I do. That's why it took forever to get the first pass done. After that I could take just a partial bite of what it would handle and make more passes. Just worried I'm shortening it's life by working it at the top of it's capabilities.

Just a thought but if all you really want is 5 more hp, then a BX2360 would fit the bill, or go up to the BX2660 for even more hp. I would guess (without looking) that those two machines would price out at or below the B2320.
My dealer says very little cost difference. They don't even stock the bigger BX's because they say most everyone just moves up to the B for the minor cost difference.

Not only is there a $700 rebate running, but for the B Series there is an additional $300 rebate if the tractor is coupled with an FEL. So there is a total $1K rebate available for cash payers. Even if you plan to finance, the $300 rebate is still available if you take the 0%. So that's some pretty good incentive there.
Thanks, very good to know. I'm looking at doing the 48 months 0%. Went and looked at the tractor today. The salesman stood me up:mad:
45 minute drive each way for nothing. I had forgotten how much bigger the B seems. Everything is so much "beefier".

Guess I'll just see what the very best offer they do and be firm on my budget. If they can't match it, I'll just stay with my BX.
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Oh he called me...while I was already standing in the dealership.

He did offer to bring the tractor to me and do the paperwork at my house. We hadn't even agreed to a price or trade on mine, so I think that's jumping the gun a bit. If we can work out a deal over the phone, I'll hold him to that offer.
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Well we were able to do the deal. The B will get delivered tomorrow. Sounds like I got a free block heater thrown in too. Gave me what I owed on trade, got the 48 Mo. o APR at the payment I was budgeting for.

Can't wait to meet her.
My blower is a rear 3 point so it fits the B just fine. Quick Hitch fit fine. Actually fits on the B better than it did on the BX. Didn't even have to modify the PTO shaft. I'll get pics up tonight.

Have any hints on how ya sweet talked yours?
Don't have one.:) Girlfriend doesn't have veto powers.

That and I promised to get her a new car this spring.:dunno:
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Here are the pics. I never thought the BX felt small until I parked them right next to each other.

First impressions:

Everything is just much more robust than the BX. The power difference is noticable. Takes up much more room in the garage than I expected.

Advantage B2320: More comfortable. Rides better, seat has some suspension to it. Looks like it will be much easier to work on. Maintenance items are easier to get at. Like the way the cowl comes apart, even with the loader on it. Like the guages better with the real tach vs. the little LCD screen. 3PH has more range (obviously the tractor is taller and can have more range) making it easier to attach implements. Quieter overall. Not as much squeal from the hydraulics.

Advantage BX: I like the fuel tank fill location more on the BX. I like the bigger knob on the loader control. I think I actually prefer the loader control location on the BX. I could still get on and off both sides of the tractor. The location of the control on the B make it harder to get on and off the right side. The BX has better traction with the ag tires than the B does with the industrials. Shoudn't be a big issue, my property and road is totally flat. I think I like the 3PH control better on the BX in that it returns to neutral by itself, but this will probably be a wash once I get used to it. Clutch: seems odd the B has a clutch to change ranges and activate the PTO, where the BX doesn't need one. Again, I'm sure it will feel more natural as I spend more time on the B.

Haven't found anything that I don't like on the B. It's just going to take some retraining.
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