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Trading up to B2320 from BX1860

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Had my BX for over a year now. Have 125 hours on it. It has done everything I've asked of it and been a great little tractor. We had a really mild winter with hardly any snow up until a couple weeks ago. We got hit with several feet at once, but it wasn't our usual light dry powder. It was wet heavy crap. Add to that sustained winds in the 35 MPH (45 gusts) zone for several days and we ended up with huge hard-packed drifts.

Have a 50" Buhler 3 point snow blower. Seemed like the BX was struggling. Belching lots of black smoke and bogging down. Took forever to get out to the highway on the first cut (1/8 mile). Had to run it at WOT the whole time.

So I started thinking I want to upsize a bit. Looking at trading the BX for a B2320. I love my BX, but I'm just afraid I'm working it too hard.

Will 5 extra horsepower make a noticeable difference? I've crunched some preliminary numbers and the 2320 is about as high as I can go payment wise.
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Will 5 extra horsepower make a noticeable difference? I've crunched some preliminary numbers and the 2320 is about as high as I can go payment wise.

A couple of comments. First, that sounds like a pretty major storm you threw at the little 1860. But, where you live I imagine serious snowfall is a big part of the equation. So I could see where more grunt would come in useful.

Second, if you do decide to trade for the B2320, your timing couldn't be better. Not only is there a $700 rebate running, but for the B Series there is an additional $300 rebate if the tractor is coupled with an FEL. So there is a total $1K rebate available for cash payers. Even if you plan to finance, the $300 rebate is still available if you take the 0%. So that's some pretty good incentive there.

Third, as for the "5 extra horsepower". I think you will notice a much bigger difference than suggested by the numbers. The reason I say this, is because the B2320 actually uses the same engine as the BX2660 -- the D1005 (1.0 liter). The reason it has a lower HP rating in the B than the BX, is because it is "rated" at a lower rpm (2800 vs 3200). But in this configuration, it makes more torque than the BX version of the same engine. So, it will be running slower (quieter) yet giving more torque than the BX2660's engine. I'd guess you would notice more difference between the BX1860 and B2320 than you would between the BX1860 and BX2660.

Good luck whatever you decide. Keep us posted.
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Well we were able to do the deal. The B will get delivered tomorrow. Sounds like I got a free block heater thrown in too. Gave me what I owed on trade, got the 48 Mo. o APR at the payment I was budgeting for.

Can't wait to meet her.

Presumably you kept all your goodies? Looking at your list of attachments, it seems like almost everything will transfer over nicely to the B.

You must be psyched. Remember how this works: Lots of photos so the rest of us can live vicariously.
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Wow, you didn't waste any time putting the B to work!

Thanks for the great comparison/review and the photos, especially the side-by-side. That gives a great perspective on the two. I would love to have a B, but there is no way it would ever fit my garage. Even the BX will be tight.

The BX1860 is one of the best values out there, but I think the same could be said for the B2320. You got a lot of tractor for the money. Both are great looking machines!
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