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Traded my 10XL "Wall-E" and made out good for my truck!!

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I found an ad on CL for some parts for my F-350 project. The ad said blah, blah, blah cash offer or trade for riding tractor, so I responded with an offer for Wall-E and he said yes. I got Wall-E loaded up late this afternoon, drove 1hr 10mins to find some parts that I have been looking for.:woohoo1: There was a brandy new, never installed, unpainted drivers side door, grill, and both L and R chrome head light bezels!:thThumbsU:thThumbsU There was also a bumper which I don't need so I'll be selling. I still need a radiator support. Wall-E is with a new family now. All I have is blue tractors now.

I will be selling the 38" rotary mower with lift control from Wall-E. It will be listed in the classified section.

Batteries in camera are dead so unfortunately no pics.:banghead3 Maybe tomorrow.
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sounds like a good trade for you! Hard to let go of a machine though!
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