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My only resolution this year is to de-clutter. Not to hang on to so much stuff that I don't use. In Keeping with that, I have been soul searching for the Firearms I really don't use or ones I bought on a whim that I really don't need. So I wrote everything I own down, and went through my safe deciding what I wanted to trade in for something else. I had traded in a Charter Arms Bulldog Pug in .44 Special a month or so ago for a Smith and Wesson Victory 22 (SW22) target pistol.

Lately I have been on a 10/22 Kick, and went from one to 4 in a matter of two months, and I was after another one- the M1 Carbine style stock 10/22. I could buy the stock for about $136-150 from a couple places, and would have to buy a basic 10/22 for $175-250, and swap the new stock, then buy better sights to get it to the factory spec for the M1 carbine 10/22. So all in, I would have had almost the same cash in as if I just bought one already built.

I opted to trade in 3 used firearms towards the 10/22 M1 Carbine instead.

So I traded in my High Standard riot 12 gauge (I think the model was a K120 or K1200 or 18-6). It was a police trade-in that I bought from cabelas, and even though it had the slickest action I have seen on a shotgun, I have 4 mossberg 500's and prefer those mainly because parts are easier to find, and a lot of them are interchangeable.

I also traded in my Mossberg 146B bolt action .22. The main reason I kept that one as long as I did was I only paid $80 for it, it shot .22 short, long, and long rifle out of it, and had a 26" barrel. But mine was missing the correct peep sights, the front sight cover, and half the front sight leafs, the stock had been messed up, someone had taken the inserts out years ago and it looked like crap, but had good character. It shot well, but no better than a new savage Mark series, and not as good as a ruger precision rimfire.

The other one I traded in was that CVA hunter single shot i had. I only took it out once, and realized, I am not sure why I bought it. It was a whim purchase, and I didn't need it since I already have a Savage 25 walking varminter in .223 so the break action single shot was not needed.

I got $300 in trade for those three which I think was fair considering, and put that towards the 10/22. I got a few bucks off the 10/22 as I can't be sold a 15 round magazine in Massachusetts, so they took a few bucks off for having to downsize to a 10 rd magazine.
I am very happy. this thing is super sweet!
It has sights more akin to my mini 14, and I may take the rail off and get some better M1 style tech sights or williams peep sights. First a sling, ammo pouch, and oiler to finish the look.

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