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trade offered

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I have been offered a trade for my 1987 john deere 214 for a 42 " cut husqvarna i was wanting some opionions on this trade the husqvarne is almost new with no damage the 214 is rusted and has several problems but will cut
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well i have about a 1/2 acre city lot that all i do is mow that is including the house the jd is a 46 inch cut the husky is a 42 inch cut the varator is stuck on the 214
i just want a mower that i can get on and crank up with out any problems and cut my grass that will be simple to operate for my wife as well plus it has took me about 3 days to just find the deck belt for my 214 and then i had to order it
well i have thought about this for a while and i have seen this gentle man make some very poor choices when it comes to trades. i also received the 214 through an unbelievable trade i traded a non running craftsman for it
well i made the trade the old man was happy i found out he wanted it to pull his harrow and rake which works out good because he is 85 and has almost 4 times the yard i do and the mower i got is in alot better shape
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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