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I have to say, i understand, totally about wanting to get a hydro drive, as i have 5 machines that are hydro, and using my father ilaws 214 this summer, well it just wasnt as nice ! that being said, for me being that mowing season is over just about(if i was in ur situation), so i would spend the next few months, tearing into the 214, and start fixing/replacing, and whatever else needs to be done, and lastly throw a coat of paint on, and when it comes time to mow againg, everyone will think i bought another , as it will be in tip top shape, and u might find that u enjoy bringing the old thing back to new condition, and u will have a machine, that will outlast the huskavarne, and the satisfation that u did a great job on the old machine! But, thats just me, good luck with whatever u decide !
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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