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As I said in a previous post I purchased my first tractor last week. It is a JD 2305. I wanted the tractor initially for some major yard work (with the bucket) and this winter I want to use it for snow removal. I do not have the money to buy any other attachments right now. Now to my question: When I bought the tractor I was told that because I had the 200cx installed I would need some type of weight on the back. He told me that the best option was to "load the tires" , which was done. How will it handle in the snow and ice? Do I need a ballast box? I in the past used a Kabota with a bucket to plow a driveway (200 feet). Although it took a while, it pushed snow just fine. A blade is not an option this winter. I do not remember if it was weighted though (memory failing at the age of 44 :praying: ) Does anyone have experience pushing snow with the 2305 or similar? If I posted in an area I am not supposed to or screwed up a thread I apologize. Thanks a ton:trink39:
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i push snow with my 2305.

Loaded tires. No ballast box.

The snow is quite light as compared to soil or gravel etc., which is where you would want the ballast.

With only loaded tires, I had zero issue moving, lifting, and dumping snow anywhere and everywhere. Hills etc. Even consolidated (heavier) snow was fine....

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