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As I said in a previous post I purchased my first tractor last week. It is a JD 2305. I wanted the tractor initially for some major yard work (with the bucket) and this winter I want to use it for snow removal. I do not have the money to buy any other attachments right now. Now to my question: When I bought the tractor I was told that because I had the 200cx installed I would need some type of weight on the back. He told me that the best option was to "load the tires" , which was done. How will it handle in the snow and ice? Do I need a ballast box? I in the past used a Kabota with a bucket to plow a driveway (200 feet). Although it took a while, it pushed snow just fine. A blade is not an option this winter. I do not remember if it was weighted though (memory failing at the age of 44 :praying: ) Does anyone have experience pushing snow with the 2305 or similar? If I posted in an area I am not supposed to or screwed up a thread I apologize. Thanks a ton:trink39:
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I've used my 2305 with and without using the ballast box and no filled tires. It works great either way you use it. Last year I used my ballast box for the first time and I liked the extra weight but I don't like the slight sway I get with the ballast box on and adjusted properly. slkpk.
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