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I'm thinkin I may be ending up between a rock and a hard place soon, and
I'm lookin for advice, especially from you older fellows who probably went
down the same road.

Here's the situation. It's Labour day. One daughter leaves this morning to
go to college. The wife drives the other off to another college.(I had to
work, so couldn't help)

So, here we are, for the first time in 18 years, "empty nesters".

Will we get along with out the kids? I think so. (actually I know so)

BUT, things can change, right. Possible "scenario"- I'll be wrenching
my MF's evenings in the shop, and she's at home alone with her dogs.
Sooner or later she might imply that me MF's are more important to me
than she is. We start fighting.(possibly)

So here is my question. What to do now?(if it plays out that way)
Do I rush out and buy her a RED tractor, and try to spend some
quality time with her, and create a hobby that is of mutual interest?

OR, do I rush out and buy her a GREEN tractor and make the fighting
worth while?

Ps. There is no pre-nup in place.

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Lots of good advice there guys.

All is going well so far. We both had a couple days off, and we're both
still alive.

But the unknowing is killing me. I like to have my future carved in stone,
and be certain in which direction I'm heading.

I think I'm gonna stir the fire. I've always wanted to clean up my
one daughter's room. It's a %&#@$% mess.
I think I'll park a dumpster outside the window, and clean it up.
Then I think I'll staple some 6mil vapour barrier to the walls, ceilling, and
I do need a spray booth, and I will be at home, and not in the shop.
Who knows, the misses may want to take up painting as a hobby.

I'm gonna give this a bit more thought.:thThumbsU
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