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tractor happy

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Glad I found this forum.

I belong to a tractor pulling club and a cruising club and own several tractors.

I also restore antique farm implements when time allows.

It will be great to be able to trade information with you guys!

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:MTF_wel2:Glad you joined!
:wwp: If you need easy Picture help
Be sure to Register for Your State!
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:thanku: for the warm welcome!

I am not computer literate so my wife is helping me learn how to use the forum. Maybe she will help me post some pics.:praying:

Last winter I restored a turn of the century hay wagon and it won best in show and first place at our local fair. My son got married this fall and they asked to use the wagon as a backdrop for their outdoor wedding pictures!

We tried to find how to post some pics, but where is the page with "tinypic"?
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Tractor Happy

To post a picture hit the "post reply" link and look for the paper clip icon in the tool bar above your posting space. When you click on the paper clip, you will be asked to browse your computer to look for the picture to upload.
I'll have'nt figured out how to start a new thread. I'll try to post a pic of my restored hay wagon. Hope I can get it to work!

I'm finding that using this forum is very difficult for me!:banghead3
pics of my turn of the century John Deere hay wagon I restored.


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Welcome TC, looks like you've figured this out along with the pics posting as well, and a nice job I might add on the wagon, that is really neat :fing32:.
Welcome TC! :MTF_wel: You did a very good job on restoring that hay wagon, it looks brand new!
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