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Tractor cab construction.

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Will be building something similar to what is shown here-

What is the metal framing called?

What is used as the windows?

Super simple questions I can not seem to find.

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#1 Slotted metal angle
#2 Lexan

Nice simple to build project, good luck
Thank you very much!
If you go directly to a plastic/poly sheet supplier for lexan they are usually around $125 for a 1/8th inch 4'x8' sheet. you can get cheaper plexi glass also but its easily broken when it gets cold. Lexan can also be bent around corners where as plexi glass cant, so you could give the windshield a wrap around effect instead just a flat window.
Wow that lexon is much more expensive. I think I better do it right the first time though. plexy glass in tempting...
Thanks to all for the help. This build should be relatively easy, just more expensive than I had originally thought do to the lexon.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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