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Tractor Advice Needed!

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I just got rid of a JD D140 that was starting not to pull the hill in my backyard. It lasted 2 summers or about 20 hours. After some research I figured out it's the transmission. I keep seeing the k-66 is the trans to have. I'm welling to spend up to $5 to $6,000 if I need to. I only have about 1 acre. There are no trees only grass. I don't need to do anything but mow with it. I don't care what brand. Just want a reliable riding mower that can handle the hill. Only thing a want is a bagger. Thanks for any advice.

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I have read ZTR's are not very good for hills either. Don't think I need a ZTR. I can spend $6000 if I need to but I don't want to. I just want a basic riding mower that can do hills. And a bagger would be nice but not a necessity.

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Will the k-58 transmission hold up to the hills on the JD x310 or x320?

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Cub Cadet does have a ZTR that will handle hilly terrain better than the 'normal' ZTR.

Their RZT S models have 4 wheel steering.

They come in residential, commercial, and even an electric model.

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The RZT S sounds like what I need. Some sizes have a bagger also. Price seems decent also. Reviews are good.

Anyone have any experience with the Cub Cadet RZT S series?

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