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Tractor Advice Needed!

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I just got rid of a JD D140 that was starting not to pull the hill in my backyard. It lasted 2 summers or about 20 hours. After some research I figured out it's the transmission. I keep seeing the k-66 is the trans to have. I'm welling to spend up to $5 to $6,000 if I need to. I only have about 1 acre. There are no trees only grass. I don't need to do anything but mow with it. I don't care what brand. Just want a reliable riding mower that can handle the hill. Only thing a want is a bagger. Thanks for any advice.

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I've been mowing with lawn/garden tractors since 1967. I still have them, I have the exact one I was mowing with back then.
I got married last year. My wife used to operate a mowing business. Right away she started harping on how much better her ZTR's are than my "old tractors". Finally I bought a Dixon 46" out of curiosity and to shut her up.
She was right. For just mowing, there is no comparison. My one hour job now takes 20 minutes and the cut quality is much better.
Compared another way, my old tractors are a DC-3 and the Dixon is a 777.
Well if you've got some serious hills, a ztr may not be a good choice. I don't think they do poorly on a hill, I believe the hills are just harder on the transmissions. If you've got serious hills, a geared transmission is the best way to go. Sounds like you've got enough budgeted to end up with a good machine either way.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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