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I just got rid of a JD D140 that was starting not to pull the hill in my backyard. It lasted 2 summers or about 20 hours. After some research I figured out it's the transmission. I keep seeing the k-66 is the trans to have. I'm welling to spend up to $5 to $6,000 if I need to. I only have about 1 acre. There are no trees only grass. I don't need to do anything but mow with it. I don't care what brand. Just want a reliable riding mower that can handle the hill. Only thing a want is a bagger. Thanks for any advice.

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Since you say that you can get by without a bagger, I'm going to suggest that you give some consideration to the Husqvarna R 322T AWD mower.

It's articulated which gives you a lot of advantages of a ZTR and will handle hills like a billy goat.

I agree with OldBuzzard...
The Husqvarna R322T AWD is the way to go if you have steep slopes.
There is no traction loss with AWD.
The articulating steering makes it very maneuverable around objects
Another advantage of the R322T is the front mount mowing deck.
With the front mount deck you cut the grass before you run over it with the front wheels of the rider.
Another advantage is that the deck flips up for easy servicing (clean out grass clipping, change or sharp blades)
Many mid-mount decks have an adapter that you can hook a garden hose to and supposedly clean out the clippings stuck underneath the deck.

Here is link to a very recent thread about how effective those deck wash attachments are.. attachment.html

Here are my R322Ts
The deck can be flipped up in less than a minute, and after each mowing session, I use a 3" wide plastic putty knife to scrap away any stuck on grass clippings. The plastic putty knife does not scratch the paint on the bottom of the deck, but is tough enough to scrap away the damp stuck on grass clipping.
Some folks use a power washer, but I fear that water may get into the spindle bearings, so I don't spray water on my mower decks.


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