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Toro TimeCutter z5030 - Replacement Engine Options?

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Toro TimeCutter z5030 Model #: 74373
Original Engine: Kohler SV720 23HP

Hey all,

The Kohler on my z5030 blew up on me earlier this spring. Are there alternate engine options for this mower? My preliminary research indicates that the SV720 has been discontinued. Would a Briggs & Stratton like this one work?

Please let me know if I am in the right ballpark. If there are better alternatives, I am open to them. The mower itself is in decent shape, so would like to keep it going.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Sorry, that was the Serial Number from the actual mower. The Kohler Engine ID Tag is longer in place, so I don't have the spec number.
You MIGHT be able to get it from Toro, or perhaps from parts diagrams (for example, looking up the parts for my Snapper's Kohler CV22S, jackssmallengines shows a long list of CV22S variants, with some basic make/model info for what that variant was made for).
Thanks for the suggestion. I checked on the Toro parts diagrams and they push you to order replacement engines directly from Kohler.

I contacted "" and asked them about re-powering this unit with a Briggs & Stratton and got this response:

Yes, the 44S677-0018 offers similar specs, but will require new exhaust, wiring, throttle/choke configuration.

In regards to re-powering it with a Kohler:

Kohler no longer offers a direct replacement for engine# SV720-0039.
The engines below are equipped similar specs as the original. Transfer muffler Minor modifications may be required: design of starter (transfer if different), wiring, throttle/choke configuration.

Those engines were all $1500+.

I think I might throw in the towel on this one. It seems like it might make more sense to find another used, low-hour Timecutter. It's a drag.....

Thank you for help and the input!
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Yeah, buying a brand new engine is a big pill for an older machine. It's cheaper to find a used engine, but that takes some time to make sure it has the same specs (pto size/length, charging capacity, physical size), and then can require some fabrication work to make it work, such as altering the exhaust to make it fit in the available space.

For some machines, I would roll them to the dump, others I would take the time to either rebuild the engine or repower it, because I find that machine to be really useful to me (and I'm unlikely to find another one like it for similar effort/money).
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Hello, do you still have your Toro TimeCutter z5030 Model #: 74373? I have the same mower and the deck mounts have rusted off. The deck can no longer connect to the rest of mower. I also need new complete spindle assembly. The cost is about $1200. If you have the complete deck would you be willing to sell? Thanks
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