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Toro Super Recycler Fixed!

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I finally got around to checking out what was wrong with my Toro. Whenever you would engage/disengage the BBC, it would make horrible banging sounds. Turns out that the main nut (big 24mm) on the bottom of the crankshaft end that held together the BBC was a little loose. It was causing it to clang around. Now I just need to see why the blade diffuser air thing rubs on the plastic belt guard under the deck and determine why only one wheel spins. I've worked on enough Lawn-Boys with the same self-propelled to know what to look for though with the wheel spinning though.

It's dark right now so I could only mow a couple of passes, but I'm looking forward to seeing how good the "Super"Recycler really is.

I see on the Toro website that I need the discharge plug to make it a mulcher. Does anyone have one of these?

By the way, this was a mower that I took $15 off the price of a Duraforce mower for a trade. It even has that rare overhead valve Briggs and Stratton engine. Maybe a Honda/Kawasaki clone or something? I got the owners manual and original bill of sale for $599 back in 1999.
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nice score!!! glad you got it running good. Do you have any pics of that mower. I am also a fan of the toro super recyclers!
No pics.....yet. I'm at work right now, but I'll get some up as soon as I can.
Re: Toro Super Recycler Fixed! (almost)

I have pics, but I also have a question. I have been working on the one wheel that doesn't spin. I've been borrowing parts off of my 10515 to get it going. The one piece I noticed that has damage is the white washer/spacer that the rocking key fits into. It sits behind the metal drive gear. It's hard to tell in the pics, but the back side of it is supposed to have an embossed ring to make it spaced out a bit. It is about a 1/16" wide ring all the way around the back side of this piece, towards the inside. This ring is wore off. The one I took off the 10515 was partially wore away so it would only work sparatically when I had it on the Toro. If anyone has worked on a newer Lawn-Boy or Toro self-propelled, you might know what I mean. Is this embossed ring a crucial part to making the self-propelled work? I took two pics of it (blurry, sorry).

I just looked it up on the Toro website, and it's called a Washer Clutch.

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