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Toro SP WB Aluminum deck ID please?

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I'm repairing a Toro walk behind. I got it for free a few years ago and gave it to a friend that uses it about 10 X a year. It is one ugly dude but does the job better than 20 box store mowers.
I've looked for information and found plenty but nothing for this exact model (year?).
It has a chrome, now rusted "patina" handle and an aluminum deck. It has a Briggs motor that was built in 1990. It's a three speed SP RWD.
Any information is appreciated.


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The Toro website is pretty helpful for finding mower part numbers. Under either parts or manuals, you can put the year, engine maker, deck size and transmission type and narrow the choices enough to find your mower. It looks like a '90 or '91. What are you looking for?
Wet grass left under the deck will eat away the aluminum. I've scrapped a few decks because of it. I had one a few years newer that literally had a path for the blade through the grass pack. You could push your finger through the aluminum.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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