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Toro S620 smoking

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I just acquired a non running Toro S620 snow blower that was built in 1988 or 89 and I got it running by replacing the spark plug, some carb cleaner sprayed into the high speed adjustment side of the carb to loosen a stuck ball, some starter fluid and fresh gas. What I am noticing now is that is is producing what I call a lot of smoke and I think it is running rich. I think it is running rich because after I ran it for 5-10 minutes the other day I noticed a line of fluid under the machine where the muffler is and the amount of smoke coming out of the machine never went down. I am thinking about tinkering with the high speed needle adjustment but being that it is 90 deg right now and I have no snow to load the machine with I am wondering it that would be pointless. Should I just let the machine be right now and see how it preforms this winter or should I go forward with my adjustments and see if I can reduce the smoke and fluid coming out of the muffler?

The motor is a 2.5hp 2 cycle Tecumseh engine that requires a 32:1 oil mix. And I have next to no experience with adjusting carbs, I am a total newbie with this stuff.

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Did someone put oil in the cylinder to store it, or to free it up? It might smoke for a while whilst burning that oil off. Check the oil to make sure it hasn't been thinned by leaking gas, too.

What color is the smoke? White, black, gray, blueish...
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