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Toro recycler

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A friend who owns the local hardware store had 3 push mowers out behind the store. I asked what was the story on them and he said they're all going to recycle, so I said I'd take them off his hands. One is a Honda and the only good on it was the engine, everything else was trash. However it had the blade clutch/brake on it so I doubt I can use it on another good deck. Another had a briggs w/ a hole in the block big enough to throw a cat thru.
The third is a Toro recycler 6 1/2HP and all that was wrong was some crud in the main jet. 2 pumps on the primer and it starts and runs fine, no smoke, no knocks. It's sitting out by the curb w/ a $85 price tag on it. Sometimes this throwaway society has it's upside!!
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