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Toro Question

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I have a Toro Recycler #20106 1991 model.

Question is how do I remove the throttle handle as it appears the throttle cable is connected to the lever

Drive activator doesn't move so it needs a new cable

Thank You
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Hi, MikeW13. Someone more familiar with Toro will be along and help you out pretty soon. Wanted to say hi and bump the post back up a bit. Have you tried some lube on the trans cable? Just might put you back in business...
The bolt at the transmission needs to come out of the pinch harness, then you should be able to get the z end of the cable out of the white plastic gear selector on the trans. Then you should be able to get the selector and cable out of the handle assy.

Shouldn't take too much lube to break the cable loose......
If you need any more help, just ask.
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Squeeze the tabs underneath and push up. Simple as that.
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