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Toro Proline questions

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I just talked with the owner of a Toro Proline that has no spark and the self propel is not working.
He told me to make an offer.......said it was used for commercial duty for a bit, 3 days a week for 7 years.

I offered $40, he bit. What do you guys think. Did I make a good buy? I dont have the model number yet, or know when I will pick it up.

I think I made a decent buy.
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I think you did great at $40 those are great mowers, I would like to find one some day, Great Find!:trink40:
Even if you ended up parting it out and selling the parts on ebay you'd still be good, probably make a profit.
A Toro Proline! I want one so bad! Good deal for $40.:thThumbsU
did you get this? how 'bout a pic and update if you did...
Never got them, the junk man made it to the mower shop before I could get there to take them. I am going to go up there today though......might get lukcy......
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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