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Toro Model 265 h Lawn Tractor Cuts Out

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I have a manual transmission unit about 10 years old that has performed very dependably until the last couple of mowings. It stopped in the middle of mowing last week. I turned off the switch and jiggled the connections, checked the battery connections, etc. It restarted but today it did the same thing. Twice I performed the same procedure. Both times it started up and I was able to finish the lawn mowing. The last time I left the switch in the on position and heard a clicking noise which repeated ever few seconds. Could one of the relays be shot? I didn't notice any wires with worn insulation rubbing. I don 't think the safety cut off switch in the seat is defective and the gas lines seem clean.

Any thoughts? Thanks.
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Post you model and serial number and will look for a wiring diagram. The model number will look like 72046.

It's a model 72047.
Serial # is 210000530.
The 72047 should have a serial 9900001-9999999 which is a 1999 model.

The 265-H in 2001 is model 72051 with a serial of 210000001-210999999. This is a 9-digit number that Toro has posted but have run into some that only have 8 digits on the decal.

Both the model and serial are needed to ID the unit. A model number was used for several years and the serial identifies the year.

Did you get the serial off the tractor or off an attachment like the morer deck?

I pulled the numbers off the tractor and the model is indeed 72047.
The serial # is 9900489.
The wiring diagrams are in the Files of
The file is named "Tractor 1999 265-6 72047 Wiring Detailed"
Keep us posted on your progress.

I located the wiring diagram and looked it over but probably will need to hire a pro to find the problem. I don't have the skills to trace or test the electrical connections.
My 267-H did the same thing. FYI-That click you hear every few seconds is the hour meter ticking.

My problem was fixed by simply removing the plug from the back of the ignition switch, lightly cleaning the contacts, and wiggling it all back together.
Thanks. I will try that.
I got my problem fixed thanks to the advice of some guys in the chat room. One said "Start at the battery and just follow the connections and look for obvious problems." Another guy said "Exhaust the simplest solutions first." So I did. Wouldn't you know it, when I came to the connection to the starter motor, the nut had come completely loose and the cable was just resting on the post. No wonder it would cut out. Thanks to everyone for their help! This is a great resource -- even for guys like me with no mechanical skills.
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