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toro groundsmaster 72

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can someone help me. i have a 1974 model with a water cooled continental
r08 engine. it runs great except the governor is a little funky it surges. the problem im havin is that it keeps overheating. i take the rad cap off and the water flows on start up but after it warms up it stops circulating. i looked for a thermostat couldnt find one. took the water pump off still cant find one. the timing is right, no water in oil, no oil in water, water pump shaft has no play. i am stumped. im going to take the pump apart and see if theres some wierd frenchie thermostat in there. i have the ownersmanual and parts list from toro no thermostat listed no water pump listed either!
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ok i just did a compression test cyl#1 100,#2 140,#3 130,#4 110 psi. i dont think this would indicate a bad head gasket i think its just old rings. any opinions? it dont smoke.
If I remember correctly the thermostat on the D-250 is in a T-pipe connected between the water pump and the rad hose. It is shown in the manual you downloaded.

Give the cylinders a shot of Marvel Mystery oil in case the rings are stuck in the piston grooves. It might free them up.

there was no thermostat. i fixed the problem though. man i feel like a doofus.
the prob was a bad belt! i consider myself a pretty good mechanic. i cant believe i didnt replace it first.
Hello Hatninja, I have a similar tractor, where do you get your parts from for the COntinental - I'm looking for ignition parts - no one seems to be able to cross reference the old part numbers.
Thanks Byron, been there without any luck - they have the R11 and R14 series - likely much new than what I have.
Thanks badhat::: be sure to call both of these guys..(prievious listed )as they don't have all parts listed ..and were real helpfull with info..on ww2 generators and compressors.. here's the other... ..:goodl:
Check out Northern Power Products -->
Don Bossart from Mid-America Power Center works here now.

I have a Toro with a Continetal R08 which is a Renault engine and a S.E.V. Marchal distributor and they have all the ignition parts on the shelf!
The car repair shop next door has on a wall a used water pump that had all of its fins worn off. I'm sure that could happen on a commercial mower if it lasted long enough.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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