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That would have a stamped deck. There are many variations of that deck stamping but it’s mainly in what brackets are attached to it. I think the next continuation of the GM 52 is the 200 series but I don’t know what would interchange with yours. The 117, 118 and 120 Groundsmaster were belt drive to the deck which turned a right angle gearbox. You might have to find a similar deck and cut off your brackets and skids and weld them onto the better shell. The 52” size deck has been on a LOT of Toro residential and commercial mowers. The blades are 18.00 inches long corner to corner. Commercial versions usually have a 5/8” Center hole, but the 52” deck on my Toro 522xi uses blades with a 1/2” Center hole. Do some research, measure pulley sizes. There is a lot of used Toro equipment here in Minnesota since Toro is in Bloomington Minnesota. I’m not doing as much buying, selling and flipping as I used to as I’m living with Lyme disease.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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