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Toro freebie

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Found this last night during my trash run. Put oil and gas in it and fired right up. That personal pace system is pretty neat.

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Very nice! I love the Toro Super Recyclers. I have one, it's three speed self-propelled and has BBC. Tough machines, yours is very nice!


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Whoever threw that out must have been an idiot. Cool find
Sweet i wish i could find one of those!
Thanks Timberwolf

Yeah, I don't know why somone would throw it out. I tried finding something wrong with it. Took the blade off and sharpened it. Blade wasn't in bad shape normal wear and tear on it. Plan on using it on the lawn this weekend.
i have 2 of those exact same ones
U selling any of them John?
Who would get rid of a Toro like that. Nice find!!!!!
ooooooooooooooooooooo personal place drive gotta love it
Great freebie!

A tune up and a couple tires and she should be good to go...
nice! i like the older toro super recyclers!
Wow.....VERY nice.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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