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todays haul

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hi guys a customers father passed away and he had alot of stuff in his back yard so i went over today and dug through and found these three tractors that caught my eye. one is a simplicity two wheel tractor with no attachments another is a little 6hp huffy. and the third i havnt identified yet i believe its a john deere i bought to help clean out and dont have the room so probally will end up selling do if you guys are interested let me know and make a offer. the huffy i may make a race tractor like fearless front but the right offer will buy it.

here are a few pics of the simplicity it spins over missing coil and air cleaner.

next is what i believe is the john deere it turns over but has no spark

this is the huffy

let me know what you think on the second tractor if you think its a john deere its missing the hood and im not sure what else. if interested pm me a offer
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i found out that the tractor is a bolend rid-omatic
Nice finds.
Everything looks to be in pretty good shape as well :thThumbsU
Thanks other than the bolens having no spark and missing hood and simplicity missing a coil they are complete and in good shape
nice machines, anything left?
Looks like you did good! Nice haul!
nice machines, anything left?
there are a few things left just mostly some older beat up craftsman lawn tractors
if you weren't so far i'd be after that simplicity
:thThumbsUDid you get to keep the tools on the seat or were they yours.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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