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to keep together or to seperate? that is the question

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I just bought a 2210, so my JD 425 with a loader has to go. My question is should I sell it as one unit, or seperate it all? (Tractor, loader, 3 pt and extra wheels). Not sure if this is the section I cabn ask this type of question but Im new to the site and thought I will start here. Been lurking and absorbing info for the past few weeks. BTW This is a really helpful and friendly site. Thanks guys

first time posting a pic...hope it works

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I would try it all together but if you can't sell it as that then I would sell the loader seperatly. But keep 3point with tractor and Rops

Nice set up! :) I tend to agree with Sergeant's advice. How were you thinking of listing your machine?
:Welcome1: minisforever!

Congratulations on the new 2210, and good luck selling the 425 and loader.

You might be better off posting this in the JD forum. If you want myself, or one of the other moderators can move it there for you.

edit: I guess I don't moderate this particular forum! :ROF

You can contact one of the moderators listed for this forum to move it for you if you decide to do that...
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Welcome to the forum!

One more vote for selling as a unit.
Thanks guys, I posted it on my local Craigslist as a complete unit for for 5,700 most replys was to split the loader or the 3 point. Thanks for the advise I think your all right. I will keep it as a unit.
I'd love to have the loader for my 445 JD but my vote would be to sell it as a unit.

You have a real sweet setup on your hands and I agree with everyone else sell it as a whole.
Hi minisforever ,

First off , :Welcome1: !!!
That is a very nice looking 425 , what year and hours ???
That is the first one I have seen with R-4's and a ROPS , thanks for the
picture ...
What is the deal with the lug nuts on the front rims ???

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Welcome aboard minisforever.
Thats a very nice setup, I vote for selling as a unit.

A few questions for you and/or those with an opinion on this.
1) Your 425 looks very capable and similar in size to the 2210, what made you want to go with the 2210 over the 425?
2) Is the ROPS an OEM option?
3) Was it required when you added additional options?
4) Is the 3PH Cat 0 or CAT 1

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I would sell it as a unit as well, because things can turn into a real pain to sell once you start splitting stuff up.

By the way, nice tractor!
Hopefully you have a loader on the 2110! you'll miss it otherwise.

Thanks for the great response and great advise. I just sold the tractor as a complete package.:thThumbsU The guy was very happy.

x595- I couldnt find(at the time) r4s that would fit the 425's 8" front wheels so I machined a set of hubs and used 10" ATV wheels. A little far but It just didnt look right without R4's front too.

Volfandt- I loved my 425 with the loader, but I wanted to upgrade to 4x4, get a little extra power and have my 3 pt on a separate control. I have been using them both for the last few months and wow there is a big difference. They look similar but thats about where it ends.

The ROPS is from a JD 775 a lot beefier than the piece of square tubing that the loader had sticking out the top for a ROPS. I did it for safety

It is a cat 1

T.C Yes, it has a loader.......I couldnt imagine life without a loader. :swow:

Thanks for all the positive comments and making me feel welcome to such a friendly site.
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