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To buy or not to buy????

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I have a couple of Bolens in my area for sale.

I was wondering if anyone thinks they are good buys.

One Bolens is: $500

Bolens H16HT lawn tractor with 42 inch mowing deck and blade with chains. Hydrostatic transmission with hydralic lift. I had the engine rebuilt around 3 years ago with new pistons, rings, etc. Has newer PTO. It now seems to be missing on 1 cylinder and running rough. Everything else seems to work fine. I have bought a 4-wheel drive tractor to maintain 2 properties and no longer need this. Would be great for a 2 cycle mechanic as these were a workhorse.

The second is :
1975 Bolens Lawn Tractor - $525
1975 Bolens Tractor model G12XL. Includes 48" mower deck, snow blower, tire chains, and wheel weights. Starts and runs great. $525 o.b.o.

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Neither one of those is right for a model for the first one or the model year for that second one. The first one seems way too high and the second one is a maybe. Peerless trans. Not anything I would pay, but to each there own. Pics would help. And correct info. They didn't make a G12XL in 75'.
I would see how low they will go first.
the H16 is a nice model but running on one cylinder ????? not worth the $500.
:sidelaugh If its an H16 it only has one cylinder, a Tecumseh OH160 and it is an awesome tractor. I know cause I have one. Like I said, none of his info is correct. There was no H16HT and there was a G12XL but they started in 1980. If these are CL tractors links to the ads would help, we need more info to help him. Both prices seem high to me. :goodl:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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