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:thThumbsU have a friend building one exactly to this but had a hard time with the measurements so took the time to re-type them, for those who are also having trouble, enjoy


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Aha. Thanks! I had noticed that some of the measurements on the original were wrong, as well.
I noticed they put the part that connects to the center link at 10 degrees. Did you check it and make sure it will work with the hitch pin at 90 degrees? What did you find wrong with it?

Correction - now I see that the dimensions are the same, but more clear.

I know for starters that there is an error in either the width of the bushing and arm on the lower arm OR the dimension between the clip hole in the lower arm pins and the edge of the 12" wide drawbar section. The center line of the pin hole is 1-1/16" from the drawbar but the drawbar bushing plus arm is shown as 15/16" plus 3/8" for a total width of 1-5/16". The edge of the pin has to be at least that plus some clearance.
I am confused about what you are saying. There is a 7/8" diameter steel rod that is turned down to 5/8" diameter at each end with the CL of the 3/16" pin holes offset 1-1/16" from the point at which the 5/8" diameter section is turned down from the 7/8" diameter steel rod.

You must be discussing an issue with the implement bushing for the lower lift arms being too wide and perhaps it should be something more like the tractor bushing on the lower lift arm. I am having difficulty reading the section of the drawing with the width of the implement bushing on the lower lift arm. It appears to have a line from the outside of the lower lift arm to the outside of the implement bushing measuring 15/16", but it should be drawn from the inside of the lower lift arm to the outside of the implement bushing. This would be a total of 15/16" so a 1/8" diameter hair pin would pass through the 5/8" diameter section of the 7/8" diameter steel rod that had been turned down to 5/8" on each end.

That does appear to be fuzzy and it should be 15/16" from left outside of bushing to right outside of lower lift arm.

Is that what you are trying to say?

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Here is one in action.
Nice! Did you make it yourself Small Fry?
Yes! Sometimes, I'm not particularly articulate in my communications. :sorry1:

I was trying to use that drawing to get some dimensions for a drawbar I'm making and that caught my eye.
I went and measured the width of my lower lift arms at the bushings and wrote it down on a piece of paper but darned if I can find it now, I think I took it to work.
I am going to try and find a set of OEM lower lift arms and measure them to see if they match the lower lift arm in the drawings. Here's another sketch of a pin with question marks in the notes for the hair pin hole.

I need to make sure if the OEM attachments will work on the lower lift arms in the drawbar drawing.
No I didn't make it, (But I think it's the same as the drawing) I happen to fine the one Sears sold 917.253182.
I didn't know they came with a set of lower lift arms. Are the lift arms the same as the ones on a 917.253110 hitch?
The arms that come with the adapter are shorter and a little thinner.

The 3 point hitch center link, barely reaches if you use the stock hitch arms, that come with a 3 point hitch..
Ah-Ha.....So....There is more to it than meets the eye. Now I am wondering what the special lower lift arms might do to the center-of-gravity on the 3 point hitch.

Has monkey-boy (sorry, but I can't remember how to spell ovoodoo..LOL!) figured anything out? Maybe I should have temporarily referred to him as an intellectual chimpanzee instead. LOL!

1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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