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Tired trans and K66 question

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Looking at upgrading my X320 from K58 to a K66.

Question about K66 trans. I found a used K66M which Tuff Torq told me had the drive backwards - I push forward and it would go in reverse, and vise versa.

Anyone know if it's possible and/or how hard it would be to change this so it works correctly? I thought I remember seeing a post about someone putting a particular part it backwards accidentally and creating this effect.

The K66 would probably need rebuilding so I would be inside of it anyway. Just not sure if it's possible or cost prohibitive.


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Yes it's possible, the Tuff torq site is down for now and I can not confirm if the K66M have the good upper casing to fit your tractor and at same time show you the part you need to flip to get that result.
First the good news, the K66M have the diff lock and the hydro outlets.

Now the less good one, The K66M have a shorter upper case with shorter axles similar to the K66R, that mean if you want to install it on your tractor you will have to adapt the frame (rear hitch plate) to be able to screw the transaxle on the tractor, you'll have to make precises measurement to position the transaxle correctly in place.

In order words it's the same transaxle (K66R) used in a conversion kit available on eBay (internet).

It's not impossible but way harder to do.

The part you have to flip upside down is show in the picture below.

Note: from the picture the parts look differently made from the model I know you can turn around to make the transaxle going opposite way, so I'm not sure it will work. :(


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Yes the K66 as several model.

The K66Y is the best one (that I know) to install on a X3__ frame.

One member (from Europe) had made a bracket to fit the K66 version you have, you probably have see his thread (not completed) from last year. :)
Not sure about this but I think the fellow in Europe with the x320 turned the direction control arm around. There was a picture that showed the arm sticking down at about a 45 degree angle & was only a few inches above the ground.

Yes you're right, I suggest him to cut the excess and never hear about him anymore. :dunno:
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