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I have been a lurker for awhile......I had to join so I could get even more info from you knowledgable folks.

Through the years I have picked up some very helpful hints and ideas from many of the Forum members in their posts and I'd like to take the time to tell everyone THANKS!

I'm retired for the life of a do it all, having owned a HVACREF Company I had next to no time to tinker. I'm also an avid long range NRA PALMA and F-Class shooter who is more at home on the Forums at or talking about handloads or rebarreling a rifle. I'm sure that a Google search of my screen name would show you some interesting post on other Forums, as I like to keep it the same on each website.

Thanks again for this wonderful site!


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Yes sir Mike, lurking is over now! You are here and a part of it!
Welcome to MTF,:thanku: for joining us.
Tell your friends on your other forums about MTF , I will look into the posted forum's this evening. :MTF_wel2: Taildrag15X
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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