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Tire Question.

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Looking to put new tires on my cub. The tires that are on it now are 23X8.50-12. I was wondering if 23X10.50-12 would fit the rim? I know you can do this stuff with car wheels and trucks wheels but not sure about the smaller stuff. Thanks,
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It would be best if you actually measured your wheels,,,

6" wide for 8.50 tires
8" wide for 10.50
10" wide for 26x12x12

or something like that,,,, :dunno:
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Inside and fender clearance could be an issue. Examination and measurement would tell that. You remember all those helper springs and air shocks we had to use just so we could run wide tires on our cars.
I made the same switch from 8.5" to 10.5" for my Cub 147, and the only clearance issue I experienced was with the anti-scalp wheels on the 42" deck. I have to move them outboard.
Thanks guys!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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