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Tire Circumference

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I have a '74 Wheel Horse B 80 that has a snowblower on it. Now in '74 the B 80 only had a 4 speed on it. In an effort to slow it down, I thought I would put some 22x7.50x12 tires on it in place of the 23s. Then I measured the circumference of the tires. The 22s are only 1 3/8" smaller than the others. This isn't going to make much difference in speed, is it?

I've got an 8 speed that I will put in it next year, but don't have time right now.
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While it's not on the topic of tire size, you indicated that you wanted to slow your tractor down some. I'm guessing that there's at least one drive belt involved on your machine. Have you considered changing the belt and one of the drive pulleys? I'm guessing that the engine pulley would be the easier to change, and you would want to make it smaller. If you have to change the transmission pulley, you would want to make it bigger.
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