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Tire Circumference

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I have a '74 Wheel Horse B 80 that has a snowblower on it. Now in '74 the B 80 only had a 4 speed on it. In an effort to slow it down, I thought I would put some 22x7.50x12 tires on it in place of the 23s. Then I measured the circumference of the tires. The 22s are only 1 3/8" smaller than the others. This isn't going to make much difference in speed, is it?

I've got an 8 speed that I will put in it next year, but don't have time right now.
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A little over three inches difference in circumference. (Pi times diameter) At the end of ten revolutions you will have traveled 31.4 inches less with the smaller tire.
I agree, Tudor. Neat idea about equal measure instead of equal psi.
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