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Tire choice for a 318

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Hi,I have an '86 318 I bought from an old man that only drove it on Sunday's :) I'm pretty sure three of the tires are OEM and it's time for a change.I mow and snow plow with it and I'm not sure of how to choose new tires.The yard and driveway are hills.When the grass is wet the turf tires will lose grip so I was thinking of bar/lug style but would these be ok in snow and should I still use chains with them while plowing?and should the front and back be the same tread type?
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I'd vote for Carlisle All-Trail HDAP's year-round on the rear. More aggressive than turf tires, but will not tear up grass as easily as lug tires. All-Trails are the best all-purpose tire, hence their name. They are 4-ply compared to the stock 2-ply Field Trax HDAP tires that come stock on some of the new ones. The All-Trails have good grip on hills when mowing, even when wet. But when it comes to snow, they are just about as useless as turf tires...dry snow obviously isn't as bad as wet snow but they still pack with snow and slip like turfs. Now put 2-link chains on, and it makes a world of difference.

I ran All-Trails on my 210 for about a year and a half and they were awesome when mowing...plenty of traction and very rarely would they spin and even then they would hardly tear up the grass. When winter came around, they were as bad as turfs...spun everywhere I went if it was a wet snow. Then last season I put 2-link chains on and had much better traction. Only reason my wheels slipped at all was because I didn't have much weight to add to the rear. I currently run Tru-Power lug tires year-round on my 210 only because it is going to be a pulling tractor and is only a backup mower to my 316. The 210 runs the Powerflow bagger which isn't needed all the time, so I don't have to worry about tearing up the grass as much. If I mowed with it more, I would probably put the HDAPs back on it.
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