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Tire choice for a 318

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Hi,I have an '86 318 I bought from an old man that only drove it on Sunday's :) I'm pretty sure three of the tires are OEM and it's time for a change.I mow and snow plow with it and I'm not sure of how to choose new tires.The yard and driveway are hills.When the grass is wet the turf tires will lose grip so I was thinking of bar/lug style but would these be ok in snow and should I still use chains with them while plowing?and should the front and back be the same tread type?
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Thanks RockyMtnMan for the info.
I use chains and I made an impromptu weight rig,a post with plate weights on it, last winter but I only had about a hundred pounds on it.I got some new chains for this winter,the ones I have are getting kinda smooth.
I took a look at the HDAP tires you mentioned .Did you leave the turf tires on the front when you changed the rear?
We don't get alot of heavy snow in my area.When it does get to much for the 318 I have a great neighbor that takes pity on this former city boy and cleans up my drive way with his Ford tractor.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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