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Tire choice for a 318

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Hi,I have an '86 318 I bought from an old man that only drove it on Sunday's :) I'm pretty sure three of the tires are OEM and it's time for a change.I mow and snow plow with it and I'm not sure of how to choose new tires.The yard and driveway are hills.When the grass is wet the turf tires will lose grip so I was thinking of bar/lug style but would these be ok in snow and should I still use chains with them while plowing?and should the front and back be the same tread type?
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SteveB - Hope this view helps you consider the impact of tires, weights, chains for varying seasons and conditions:

My primary tractor is a '89 JD 430 Diesel and had turf tires front and rear. When winter conditions overwhelm its limited, but good, bandwidth I bring out the add-ons for the tractor.

Then when the tractor is overwhelmed by conditions I haul out the 4x4 truck, plow, tube sand bag ballast in truck bed. And for the recent blizzard with heavy wet snows leaving behind 3-6' drifts, I tossed my Rud Grip tire chains (all the way around) onto the 4x4.

Saying all that to express -it doesn't matter whether we're discussing tractor or truck, if the conditions warrant throwing more at it to navigate then one better have it all on hand when it's most needed!!!

My tractor experiences began in the midwest and transferred to the high country in Colorado. I first tested the tractor and each type of tires without using weights and just to see how the tires gripped the surface at hand.

Rear Turf worked for me as follows:
Lawns - good
Dirt (tilling) - okay
Dry snow - okay
Ice - fuhgeddaboutit, leave it in the barn
Wet snow - fuhgeddaboutit, leave it in the barn

I changed to Rear HDAPs (Carlisle 26x12x12):

Rear HDAPs worked for me as follows:
Lawns - good
Dirt (tilling) - good
Dry snow - good
Ice - fuhgeddaboutit, leave it in the barn
Wet snow - fuhgeddaboutit, leave it in the barn

I added 2 link rear tire chains (cinched up) + 6x rear quick hitch 40lb suit case weights

Rear HDAPs + tire chains + 240lb rear ballast weights worked as follows:
Dry snow - what snow?
Ice - good
Wet snow - good

Notice, I avoided using "great" as an outcome - I'm trying to be realistic in descriptions as the conditions vary too much - what with inclines, declines, dry (fog came thru but humidity so low it left behind whoars frost) Vs. humid (snow, sleet, groppel, rain), concrete vs gravel base, etc.

In winter, depending on conditions/needs, I alternate between attaching a 54" quick hitch plow or 47" 2 stage quick hitch blower.

My next test - tomorrow I plan to insert/attach my 50lb (each) wheel weights to rear tire rims. We're supposed to get more snow and accompanying winds on Wednesday evening, Thursday - highs of 20 degrees.
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