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tire chains and tire pressure john deere 111

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installed my tire chains tonight to get ready for the snow tomorrow,are the chains supposed to be tight on the tire or a little loose? also what is a good tire pressure for the snow ,not sure if its just the connector or what but even when they are sug on the tire the chains will fall off after a few minutes,any input would be appreciated,thanks in advance
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Chains should be tight. Pressure should be at or below normal recommended pressure. Many use lower pressure to get a better grip on the ground.

Chains if installed correctly and tight should not come loose. Check out peerless chain installation instructions or post some pictures. Many here can help.

A common mistake occurs in how the outer link is attached.
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with my chains on I like more pressure, so the chains do the work and not the "footprint"...

I have 12 lbs. in my rear tires... works well!

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On the old Poulen Pro I would deflate the tires. Put the chains on snug. When you inflate you make those chains tight because you don't want the chains to be slipping around. I would cut off extra links so very little was left over when installed. Never had to touch them the whole season until spring.

Hoping I don't have to mess with that anymore but still no snows this year. :dunno:
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I agree with the others - on my 318 I've made a habit of deflating the tires a bit and then putting the chains on and then putting air back in the tires. If I did it any other way the chains would break loose at some point in the season and I'd have to put them back in place.
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