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Tipped out front wheel ... any hope?

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I have a 1966 IH 606 tractor that pulls to the right. The right front tire (the top of the tire) is visably tipped out (away from the tractor). My brother (farmer for 40 years) said some of these older tractors were built to pull to the right .. I find that hard to believe. My father in law (farmer for 60 years) said he has never seen a bent axle on a front end. Any ideas on what to try or do will be appreciated.
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I grew up on and around Farmall's. Grandpa's big tractor was an 806. I've never seen one that "intentionally" pulled to the right.

First off... this paragraph assumes that you've got a wide front end.
Jack up the front end... put the axle on jack stands... and look for play. Sounds an awful lot to me like bad wheel bearings... although it could be a bent spindle... or even a drag link out of adjustment, but... I'd bet you dollars to doughnuts that the right front wheel is not supposed to be cocked out like that. Maybe at one point in time... someone manage to put a tricycle spindle on the right side? (I don't even think that's possible without a cutting torch and a lot of spare time, but...)

If, however, you have a tricycle front-end... then I'd say that the problem is in your LEFT front wheel... Tricycle front wheels are cocked out like that (they're noticeably closer at the bottom than they are at the top).



Close-up pictures of the front-end may help in diagnosis, too....
Sounds like someone might have hit a stump or other immovable object while turning and might have bent the spindle. I also have never heard of any tractor intentionally pulling in either direction under normal circumstances. JMHO. PJ
I've seen them bent and broke...
a friend of mine had the same problem on a 656 w/wide fornt and it turned out to be bad bearings
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