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Tiller vs. York Rake

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Tiller vs. York Rake

I’m in the process of repair my lawn while trying to save some money. Here’s my dilemma, the top 2” to 4” theirs a lot of stone, than below that 2” to 4” CR-6 and than old stone/garbage/brick driveway that’s hard as concrete.

I plan on leaving the old driveway and hope 8” of top soil will be enough for grass to grow.

I was hoping to re-spread the top layer with stones, till than rake. But while I was researching some tillers, the manufactures say that the tiller will put the rocks on the bottom and not on the top. I was hoping the tiller will raise the rocks/pebbles so I could then rake them off before apply my top layer of top soil.

So does a Troy Bilt Rear Tine tiller raise the rocks/pebbles to the surface or should I just try the Rake. PS, I need to rent the rake and tiller.

Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions
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My tillers tend to mix things pretty well thru the whole tilled area. We don't have any rock other than what has been hauled in but anything they get ahold of gets stirred up.

When I lived in the suburbs I was interested in having a nice lawn. I believe my lawn research said it wasn't a good idea to plant over buried construction materials or concrete, it can cause ugly circular patches in the lawn where the trash is buried as i remember.
Tencubed, thanks for the response. Somehow I was hoping the tiller would magically bring the stones to the surface, which could be easily raked off. Of course that was wishful thinking. But at least the good news is maybe I can stop searching craigslist for a tiller, NOT (LOL).

Tackit, I definitely agree buried construction debris doesn’t bold well for a nice lawn. A long dry Baltimore summer doesn’t do well for newly seeded lawn either.

I posted some pictures to show what I dealing with.


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Looks like your going at the right way and your machine is doing a fine job... good luck.:fing32:
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