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tiller compatibility

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will a 36" tiller for a 2110 fit my 7117?
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Well, probably . Most or all of the 36" tillers will 'fit' you rmachine, but it would depend on the model # whether or not you need certain pulley sets or PTO's to operate it.

Early versions may require a PTO setup that is not compatible with your machine. Later models have a two pulley setup on a small bracket that keeps your belts tensioned and aligned. Most times, half the battle is having the pulley sets with the tiller. Often, they sell without them, creating a headache or rendering the tiller useless.

I believe all 36" Simplicity Soverign and Landlord tillers will pin up to your tractor and lift...I cannot speak to anything built after the early '80's and know the 4, 5 & 6000 series tillers have different hitching.

These should be sure shots:

Look in here. Make sure you have your model number(s) handy.

There most likely will be a different drive setup like TMG mentioned.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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