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Here's what happened to my DLT 2000 (mod 917.272246 ). Whatever age it was, you may have a similar problem (mine came to me used a few years ago).

Awhile back, my steering started getting tighter and tighter. Finally took two grown ups and a boy to move it.

I looked for cause, and couldn't find anything. Basically, the turnstile was hanging up. I knew I was going to have to pull the old steering box.

This was the beginning of problems. Yep, you gotta pull the deck to get to stuff.

It seems on this one, the steering gear needs to come out through the chassis at a diagonal. The drawings don't show you there's an opening. I lifted the tractor and found there in fact is a small opening for this purpose. It's simple; the steering mast goes right out the bottom (gotta have the tractor up some to let it clear).

Problem one was solved.

New problem was getting the old steering box out. This wasn't easy at all. You would think as long as you take the screws out, it would allow you to slide it out. This is where the next problem came in. There is a drag link connected to it. I had loosened the wheel end of the drag link. The part up by the steering gear is situated so you cannot get it out. Turns out it's rusty. Won't come out anyway. Couldn't get a wrench on it. Finally had to simply break the trunnion off. That got the thing out.

So, for parts you need a drag link, and a new steering box ($100 bucks for both; problem was I didn't know about needing the steering link 'til I broke mine). Putting the new box in was easy, and getting the steering mast back in was also easy.

I got a stainless nut for the top of the drag link, hoping it might not get as rusty down the pike.

I have no idea if my turnstile problem was a flaw they all had, or whether it was one-of-a-kind. If you get into one of these deals, it isn't going to be a fun project.
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