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Throwout bearing on 1953 for tractor

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what is the procedure to replace throw out bearing on 1953 ford tractor, thank you
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You will have to split the tractor which is not a hard job, I suggest you invest in a manual.
As john said a tractor split, than unhook the two springs and slide it off, slide the new one on and hook up the springs. What makes you think you need a new one?

I need a new throw out because it grinds to put ion gear and then it stays stuck in gear sometimes and its very dangerous. I attempted to adjust it numerous times and it makes know difference one way or other. It might be the clutch or pressure plate but the only way is to break it open to find out. I ordered the service manual yesterday so I'll have to wait till that comes in. In the meantime I appreciate you all getting back at me, Roger
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Sound like maybe a sticky clutch. There are ways to unstick em without a split. Blocking down the clutch pedal when not in use will help.

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